On Joao Gilberto and Caetano Veloso
in Buenos Aires, March 1999

Pablo Avelluto <pabloa@ciudad.com.ar >

part three

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Where are the limits of all this?

Everything got higher in 24 hours. It was another show. This was Joao definitive performance, the day he gave Caetano his legacy on stage in front of 3,500 people that could not believe what was listening.

The night began with Joao alone. And the first one was De conversa en conversa, followed by Eu vim da Bahia. And I've seen the most inspired Joao Gilberto of my whole life. Talking really a lot between songs, saying "que lindeza" from time to time. Joking with the audience, remembering anecdotes and friends from his living in Buenos Aires in '62. Talking again on the effects of the lights in the instruments. Saying it was "a festa" for him to be in Buenos Aires. Accepting the demands of songs from the public. He sang and sang in his old and permanent style, long versions, coming again and again on Menino do Rio, Una mujer, Eclipse (outstanding more than ever, slow as a really love eclipse), old gems like So danço samba, Pra discutir con madame, Sandalia de prata, Rosa morena and all the songs you can imagine.

And at Coraçao vagabundo Caetano came in. Joao said "What beautiful to be here at this moment of my life. Here is Caetano Veloso, the future".

Caetano also changed his songbook from yesterday. He added Luz do sol, Você e linda and left out Livro and O leaozinho. And played a lot.

And Gilberto came back. And surprise! They began to improvise a lot, to make jokes between them: Joao said: "I want to play a song and ask Caetano to sing it. He doesn't want, but I know he loves it". It was O pato. Caetano tried his best but he could not. Joao laughed. The someone asked for Besame mucho. Joao asked Caetano if he knew that. And Caetano sang with Joao making a back vocal. After, Caetano asked as one more of the audience that Joao must sing Besame mucho too. And the master voice sang. Also he beg our pardon because he wanted to play Farolito saying that he did not remember that well. Imagine.

Then came Chega de saudade, Garota de Ipanema, Acontece que eu sou baiano, Bahia com H, Meditaçao, Aos pes da santa cruz, Vivo sonhando, Wave, Avarandado and everything.

Caetano said he was not Joao's pupil, that no one can really be influenced by Joao. That he was God. And he was just an "apostol" of that religion. He was always in a second sight, leaving the main place for Gilberto with love and devotion. Joao asked him to play his guitar. But he couldn't.

And I came home to tell you that tonight I have spend one of the greatest moments of my life.

Tomorrow, the last of this three historical events.

With love and a very deep satisfaction, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, at 2.10 am.


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